Watch: Alyssa Milano, a transgender woman of color, opens up about her struggle to be accepted as a woman in Hollywood


Alyssah Milano has a lot to say about her own journey as a transgender person.

She spoke to CNN about her first time shooting the movie “The Mermaid” in 2015, being fired from “Hamilton” and her relationship with director Bryan Singer.

“I’ve never really been able to get away from it.

I’ve always been kind of like, ‘It’s not my job to figure it out,'” Milano said.

“My family and I have always been like, that’s not really a problem.

It’s a choice that people make and they can’t change it.”

Milano began shooting the “The Mater” movie in her hometown of Los Angeles in February of 2016.

The movie stars Milano as an aspiring singer and a transgender female of color who moves to New York City in the wake of the 2016 election.

Milano came out to her family when she was 16 years old, and she said her transition has been difficult for her.

“Growing up, my mom was like, you know, this is your reality,” Milano told CNN.

“And she was very accepting of it, but I was not.

It was just like, I just don’t want to be here.”

Milanos mother, Patricia, told CNN she did not know what to do with Milano’s identity until she became aware of her daughter’s transition.

“She was so young, so insecurities were everywhere,” Patricia Milano recalled.

“So I was like to make sure that she didn’t feel alone or anything like that, and I just really felt like if she was going to be able to do what she wanted, she needed to be okay.”

Milani told CNN that her family is supportive of her transition.

She said her family and friends have encouraged her to come out to the media and her parents have even said Milano should be able be a woman.

“It’s a way to make a point, that we’re not alone,” Milani said.

She also explained her relationship to the character in the movie.

“He’s a guy who was always a man.

I think he just got a lot of flak for being transgender,” Milanano said of the character.

“But I think there’s some things that are just really just innate that are kind of inherent to him.

Milannos mother Patricia Milanino told CNN her daughter has had to adjust to being transgender in Hollywood. “

The way I look at him is, I think I’ve found a way.”

Milannos mother Patricia Milanino told CNN her daughter has had to adjust to being transgender in Hollywood.

“You’re so far removed from what your family thinks and your peers think about you,” Milana said.

The film is directed by Bryan Singer, who has directed “Hamilton.” “

There are all kinds of ways that she’s been accepted,” Mila said.

The film is directed by Bryan Singer, who has directed “Hamilton.”

Singer has said Milani’s role in the film was an opportunity for her to play the character and expressed his admiration for Milano.

“Alyssa is a very special, talented, and inspiring person,” Singer said in a statement.

“In a world of constantly changing and challenging gender norms, Alyssalynn is doing something truly revolutionary.

Alyssy is a strong and talented performer, and we are incredibly proud to be her collaborators in this unique story.”

Milana told CNN, “I’m really honored and humbled to be the part of this film.”

The film opens on March 4.

The cast and crew of “The Mermaid” also include Milano and Hamilton star Ben Mendelsohn, who will play the villain, the “Mermaid,” in the new film.

“This is my world and I can’t really explain it.

But it’s a very complicated story,” Milania said of her role.

“What I know for sure is that we will be making a great movie.”

“The new ‘Hamilton’ is about to begin,” Milanno said in the video announcing the film.

Milano’s parents have been supportive of Milano in her transition and her career.

Milana says she hopes her role will help inspire other transgender people to be open and honest about their identity.

“If I can help other people see that they can be themselves without being ashamed or being ashamed of themselves, that they don’t need to hide who they are,” Milamos said.

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