The house that could be the most expensive home in Australia, a half a million dollar house


By Nick HintonIn Sydney’s south-west, a two-storey house is the most popular place to live, and is the cheapest to rent.

And it has an eye-watering price tag of more than $200,000.

The $200 million home is owned by a group of investors, with the intention of turning it into a half-million dollar property in the next five years.

It was built in 1996 by Australian businessman Nick Hodge, and was originally named The Hill.

The first story of the property, which has been listed for sale, was published in the Australian Financial Review in January 2017, but it was only in April that the sale was officially announced.

The price tag comes with an additional $200m investment, according to the property’s listing.

The buyer is believed to be a Chinese investor who owns a stake in the company that owns the house.

The building’s value has been estimated at $1.6bn, but that is only the start of the story.

The house has an eight-bedroom and 11-bathroom estate, and has two bedrooms and three bathrooms.

It is located at The Hill, in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

It also has a parking lot that has a total of 1,500 spaces.

There are two fireplaces, a pool, a cinema and a gymnasium.

There is also a pool and a tennis court, and the house has a private garden and water feature.

The owner of the house is believed have bought the house for $200M from a Chinese company, which is thought to be an investor in the property.

It has an estimated value of $200 Million.

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