How to get into politics through the barbie house


A new book, Get Your House in Order: The Politics of Barbie, by the political strategist and writer Ben Stein, offers advice for aspiring politicians, including how to get on the ballot in a barbie-themed town and get to Washington with a bar-themed name.

The book’s first chapter is dedicated to the concept of a “barrack barbie,” which Stein describes as a symbol of “American independence, self-sufficiency, and independence from the globalist elites.”

Stein explained to The Verge how to build a barber shop, which he says will require a lot of work and determination, including learning how to “play ball” with the local barber, who will then direct your barbershop to create the bar’s signature hairstyle.

It’s all part of the bar-b-day tradition that began in the 1930s, with Americans celebrating the end of Prohibition with “Barracuda.”

Stein, who is a former state senator from Ohio, explains that barbershops have become “the American national symbol.”

In this new book from the political consultant and author Ben Stein and political strategist Aaron Zelman, barbers are given a unique task in their fight to win back their communities’ hearts and minds.

“It’s not just about barbers who are here,” Stein told The Verge in an interview.

“It’s also about what it means to be a barbersman.

It’s about being a patriot, a patriot of the American people.

So I think the barbers have been very, very lucky in the last 40 years to be able to play such an important role.”

The book, which Stein is promoting with a tour of barbers’ shop in Washington, D.C., is also full of practical advice for candidates in local and state races.

For example, Stein says a candidate should “stay on message” and be able “to talk about the issues that really matter.”

“The issues are not just jobs and the economy, which are important,” Stein said.

“They’re about people’s rights, environmental protections, and social justice.”

While Stein recommends that a candidate “just say what they mean,” Stein also recommends that candidates focus on the issues, including their stances on social justice.

“We’ve had presidents say they want to take on Wall Street,” Stein explained.

“I mean, Wall Street has been going down.

It was always a big part of what they were saying.

They’re talking about it.

And then you have a candidate who’s saying, ‘I’m a little bit more progressive, I’m a bit more socially progressive.’

That’s where people get it.”

For Stein, that can be an important distinction when it comes to running for public office.

“That’s really where you get to show you’re a true progressive,” Stein continued.

“You can say you’re for women’s rights.

You can say ‘I think women’s issues are important.

And so are racial issues.’

But you can also be a progressive and also say, ‘We’re going to take the money out of Wall Street and invest in women and the poor and so on.’

You can’t be too progressive.”

To that end, Stein suggests that candidates “look at the people you’re running against.”

“So if you’re going against a Republican candidate, you want to make sure that you’re also speaking about their issues,” Stein added.

“And then also make sure you’re not just speaking about your own issues, but about the problems of the other side.

You’re not going to win the election if you say you don’t want to do anything about these issues.

You need to be talking about them.

You know, you have to talk about them.”

To do that, Stein recommends a candidate’s “sincerity and integrity” to get their base excited about a campaign.

“You want to show them that you’ve got an authentic progressive message that’s going to be heard by the American public,” Stein concluded.

“So you’ve gotta show that you understand people, you understand the issues.

And you’ve also gotta be willing to say that’s the only way to solve these problems.

And that’s a very, really important message for the American electorate.”

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