New York’s ‘wincampot’ house party is a hit!


A new home in the New York City borough of Williamsburg was recently crowned a house party favorite with thousands of guests.

The Williamsburg Wincampott’s new home is a converted warehouse with a huge outdoor patio and a bar that sells drinks, wine and craft beers.

The party-like atmosphere has helped it win over guests from around the world and has drawn some major attention from the media.

A video posted by NBC New York (@nbcnewyork) on Dec 4, 2017 at 6:15am PSTThe home’s main floor is decorated with vintage posters from a local music store, a framed photo of Williamsville Mayor Ed Koch and the words “Love is Love is Love,” along with a sign with the slogan “Love, Love and more love.”

The house’s kitchen features a classic wooden bar that’s shared with the home’s bar.

The Wincamps first home was built in 2008, and the house was designed by acclaimed architect John M. Goss, who designed the iconic Williamsburg High School.

It’s been in the family since its construction.

In a post on its Facebook page, the Wincamott’s said it hopes to get guests to “make a new family member proud,” and they are “all about making sure you stay in touch with your loved ones and the memories you’ve made here.”

In 2018, the family relocated to New York to take advantage of the city’s housing crisis.

The family moved to Williamsburg in December of 2017 after a long stay in Atlanta.

They moved to the home in 2018 to work as part of the renovation of the building, which they have dubbed “The Waugh’s House.”

The home is being sold by the family as part and parcel of their renovation project.

They are selling the house at a suggested asking price of $3.8 million.

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