‘Stuck on the ground’: Aussie family’s dog survives after being rescued from a ‘stuck-on-the-ground’ cave


Posted January 02, 2019 12:21:56When she first arrived, the family thought they were in the midst of a bushfire.

As the smoke rose, their dog, Molly, was so dehydrated that she couldn’t stand on her own.

The family’s only hope was a man-made shelter in the area.

It was a shelter that would last for more than a year, until Molly, who has since been reunited with her family, was taken to the NSW Ambulance Service’s St George Hospital on January 5.

“We are still waiting for her to come home,” said family friend, Laura Jones.

“I would say she was a bit of a wild animal, she wasn’t trained.

I would say it was the best rescue we could have asked for.””

The family had a very tough time with the dog,” she said.”

She would be a bit wild in a situation like that.”

Her life was at risk because she didn’t have the right training.””

She was really, really happy with her new family.

“They were so happy, it was such a great experience for them.”

It was such an emotional moment for everyone.

“There was nothing to say and they were just hugging and holding each other.”‘

We were just waiting for the phone to ring’When the phone rang, they were stunned to hear that Molly had survived.

“The first time we had her, we were in a bit shock,” said Laura.

“But she’s a beautiful dog.”

As soon as she came in, she looked up and started barking.

“And we were just wondering how the heck she had got out there.”

“We were going to call the ambulance service and tell them what we saw.

But the first thing they asked us was, ‘How did she survive?'”‘

I’m still not sure’After the family and the paramedics had her taken to hospital, the first day was a whirlwind.

“That’s when we realised what a fantastic job they were doing,” said mum Jessica.

“Their dogs were fine, so we just thought, ‘I’m not sure I’m going to be here for much longer’.”

“We went into the emergency room and we thought she was going to come out alright.”

Then she was put in a crate and was on her way to be euthanased.

“Ms Jones said her first thought was that the dog might have suffered a heart attack.

But she was shocked to find that the vet had confirmed that Molly was “a bit dehydrated”.”

It took us a while to get used to that, but we were so relieved to see her on her feet again,” she laughed.”

My dad is very emotional, he said he was in a state of shock.””

It is a really great thing for the family, for the rescue, for our community, for Molly.”‘

She was so sweet’As she regained her feet, Molly was so grateful to be reunited with family.

Her owner Laura Jones said Molly was a “bubbly, playful dog” who was “super cute” when they first met.”

Molly was a sweet dog, she was always friendly and she loved to play,” she told ABC News.”

People were so excited that she was alive.

“Every day, we would have a good laugh and a chat and she was so happy to see us again.”

“Her happiness was infectious, and she would just smile and laugh with us.”

“As we went through the day and the night, she would be sitting there with her feet up and she’d be looking up and then she would start barking, and we’d say ‘that’s her, she’s going to bark again’,” she said of Molly’s recovery.

“So she would get very excited.”

“And the more we played, the more excited she got and she got so excited and so happy.”

For us, we’re all very proud of Molly.