What’s next for the bounce house in Hollywood?


The bounce house, which is part of a massive renovation project to the former home of the pop star, has been transformed into a new home for the movie stars that has drawn comparisons to the famed Waldorf Astoria.

The owners have partnered with local architecture firm Tysons Corner Architectural Studio to transform the old house into the home of Hollywood stars Justin Bieber, Amy Schumer and Amy Schumer II.

The house is located in the Astoria Hotel, which opened in November, and will host live music, a spa, dining and shopping.

The renovation is part the new project to renovate the Astoric Hotel, a historic structure at 3rd Street and Broadway that opened in 2016.

The Astoric opened to the public in late November and features a new hotel, new shops and an entertainment venue.

The new project is a project that will be in the works for many years, said Amanda Brown, the house’s designer and founder of Tysos Corner.

The project includes new landscaping and bathrooms, and the home is currently undergoing a total overhaul.

“It’s been a big project,” Brown said.

“We are getting into our second phase of it and it’s going to be a really interesting time for us.”

Brown is also the design director for Tysers Corner, the home decor and furniture design firm that designed the home for Justin Bieber and Schumer.

“Justin is a great ambassador for the brand and this house is a perfect example of that,” Brown told CNN.

“The house has such a strong history and a really special personality that the home, and it fits perfectly into the pop culture world.”

Brown said that the new home will be more accessible than previous homes.

“People can see the whole family inside, which was really important to us,” she said.

The new home has a spa area, which the house owners said will be similar to the Astorias.

“If you are looking for something to do, the spa will be right there,” Brown added.

“There’s lots of different rooms.”

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