When a dutch restaurant has a new, tasty dish, everyone can go crazy


The Dutch House is the place to go for a great breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The cozy and relaxed environment gives diners a place to relax while enjoying a meal and the variety of dishes and wines on offer make it easy to satisfy your appetite.

If you are looking for a new way to kick back after work or relax at home, you will want to head to The Duchy, where the food is always fresh and the drinks are always refreshing.

The menu has everything from breakfast and lunch to dinner and snacks, with an assortment of fresh, seasonal and traditional dishes.

The Dukes family runs the Duchys Waffle House and they offer the most delicious waffles in the Dutch capital of Groningen.

Their menu is also known for the Duke Waffle, which is one of the best waffles you will ever eat.

The waffle is made with honey and a special blend of honey and spices.

It is made of a waffle base filled with crispy and tender fried eggs that are dipped in a creamy and sweet syrup.

The syrup is then stirred into the waffle and it is then served on a bed of fluffy pancakes that are topped with honey, chocolate and a touch of cinnamon.

The best part is, you can also add your own sauce.

The Duchies is a family-owned business that has a long history.

Their founders, Daniel Dukes and his wife, Nilsa, opened the first Duchie Waffle house in Groningen in 1984.

They moved the Waffle shop to a bigger location in 2001.

Their newest location is in Duchyelders Duch, Groningen, which has been named one of New England’s best restaurant cities by TripAdvisor.

Dukes’ son, Daniel, runs the family business and is also a restaurateur.

You can find more information on The Duke House on Facebook.

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