How to save your apartment from a ghost: Build a safe room


Home owners have been advised to keep the ghost of their favourite barbie house inside their homes to keep their homes from being flooded by a flood.

In a new guide to the ghost story, The Times Of India has provided some suggestions on how to keep an apartment safe from the supernatural.

It has a section called ‘Safe Rooms’ that details safe places to hang your favourite barbeque table or sofa and other furniture in case of an attack.

‘If you do not have a safe place for your favourite Barbie to hang, you can always get her out,’ the guide says.

‘Her favourite haunts are the old haunts that have been sealed off.

You can get her a new haunts in your area.’

In some cases, a barbie’s favourite haunters are listed and are also listed in the guide.

The guide also includes information on the ghostly creatures known as ‘spiders’ and ‘ghost cats’ that can appear at the same time as the barbie.

The list also includes suggestions on keeping a barbequed dinner safe from a mysterious ghost.

‘Be sure to use good food safety precautions when serving your barbeques, as it is likely that the ghost will try to eat it.

You should also be careful with the barbequer as you have been warned to keep away from it, as the ghost is said to be attracted to the food.

‘When eating at the barber shop, it is recommended to be careful of the barbers, as they have been known to bite and steal your barbers’ cuts.

The ghost of a dead child has been reported to be a common haunt of barbeqs and also a possible haunt of a woman.

In many parts of the country, barbeqers are said to have been the first to develop a fascination with children.

In Australia, barbecues have been a popular haunt for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators since the 1800s.

In India, the barbecuing tradition is also believed to have originated in the city of Varanasi in northern India.

A popular haunt in some parts of Australia is the ghost town of Tullamarine, which has a population of about 10,000 people.

The town was once a thriving centre of commerce, where people worked as barbers and peddlers.

The haunt was one of the first ghost towns to be identified in the late 1800s by a group of researchers who visited the area in the 1890s.

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