Siding a big house in the mountains is a big deal!


A big house?

You’re about to get one.

A brand new big house built in an old-growth forest.

That’s the idea behind the new house that’s being built by the Edmonton Oilers, and it’s a lot more than just a simple big house.

“We’re doing a lot of renovations,” said Oilers President and CEO Peter Chiarelli.

“We’re adding a whole lot of things that you just don’t see in Edmonton anymore.”

The new house will be the biggest house in Edmonton, and is the biggest building in the city since the old city hall in the 1950s.

It’s also one of the tallest houses in the entire city.

The house sits on top of a forested slope, and the whole thing will be built with a roof that will be at least four stories high.

It will be a bit taller than the building currently being built at the former Edmonton Centre.

The building will also feature a large swimming pool, a spa, and a tennis court.

It also has a rooftop bar with an indoor and outdoor bar.

The roof is made of reclaimed wood from the former Alberta legislature building.

The new building is located at the corner of Highway 495 and 6th Avenue.

It sits in the midst of the Edmonton Hills, and will have a grand entrance that looks like a giant maple tree.

The building has been designed by the architectural firm of Ziffren Brittenham and Partners.

The house has been constructed with a mix of old-age homes, modern-day houses, and more traditional houses.

“It’s got lots of traditional homes that have been in this area for quite a long time,” Chiarell said.

“I think it’s pretty unique.

I think people are going to enjoy the view and I think it will bring a lot to the community.”

There are about 1,400 homes in the Edmonton area.

There are also several small lots on the ground, which is a way of keeping the houses relatively tidy and the houses a bit more in-line with the surrounding landscape.

The property is a bit different than most of those, but it’s still a home.

The old-style houses are the ones that have stood the longest.

That means they’re going to be older and a bit older, which means they’ll be a little bit more dated, Chiarella said.

They’re also a bit less likely to be occupied by kids, and there will be some renovations.

The whole thing is built using reclaimed wood that was brought in from the old building.

That makes it look a little different.

“It’s pretty amazing.

It looks like the old buildings that they had,” Chiar said.

The Edmonton Oilers were approached to build the new building.

The team has been renovating the Edmonton Centre for many years.

Chiarello said the old arena is still in a good state, and they were happy to get in and work on it.

The Oilers also want to renovate the old school, but Chiarelly said they’re looking at how they can make the whole place better.

The Oilers hope that the new big building will draw people to the area.

Chiarenlli said it will also bring new business to the neighborhood.

“You can see this as a huge boost for the Edmonton region, to be honest,” he said.

Chiarelli said the Oilers will make sure that the building is “one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen.”

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