Cat house in Chapo trap-town to be sold for $1.9 million


A $1 million home in Chappa Trap-Town will be sold to an Australian developer who says the city is “getting a bad rap”.

Key points:A $1m home in the Chappa trap town in Sydney’s west will be auctioned by developer James MacaulayThe house, which was built in 1878, has been in use since the 1800sChappa Trap’s iconic Chappa Pongsong statue will be dismantledThe house was built at a time when Chappa had the highest murder rate in Australia.

It was one of the last houses in the city to be built on the site of the Chappas’ first farm.

But developer James Mcaulay is hoping to turn the old house into a high-end property with a swimming pool, a pool house, a cinema, a tennis court, gymnasium, and a spa.

“Chappa was a very dangerous place to live.

There was a lot of violence there and it was a real hot spot for gangsters, gangsters that would come in to kill people, so we thought, well, why not make this place a nice place where people can come and enjoy a nice life,” Mr Mcaulays said.

Mr Mcaulayan, who is also a local councilor, said the property would be a great example of a local property to showcase what Sydney had to offer in a safe and secure environment.

“We will be able to showcase that Chappa was not the place to be.

This is not a place to just go out and be a thug,” he said.”

If we’re going to do something in this neighbourhood, it’s going to have to be done with the utmost level of care, because that’s what this place is about.”

The house is currently being assessed for its value.

Mr Mcleanay said he would need to raise around $1,000,000 before the sale could proceed.

“The only reason why we’re asking for $9,000 is to get this house appraised and the appraisal will come back at $1 [million],” he said, adding he was “hopeful” the property could fetch a higher price than the $1million asking price.

“There’s a lot going on here, a lot more going on, a much higher risk that you’re not going to get the best outcome.”‘

Chappas were a very safe place to go to’Chappa’s most notorious gangsters were known to operate out of the area, and Mr McLeanays was inspired to take up the city’s history when he visited in 2002.

“I had a chance to visit the Chapps and talk to them and see what it was like, but then the next thing you know I’m on a plane going to Chappa and I see what a place they lived in,” he recalled.

“And then I realised that I had this idea to go back and do a little bit of a history.”

Mr McLeanay said while he was fascinated by the history of the city, he also believed the Chapes were a dangerous place for those who did not have a sense of community.

“It’s not like Chappa, it was just like a different world.

They were not a normal community.

They weren’t like the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

They lived in a different place.”

He said the community in Chappes-Elyssees had its own language and culture, but the Chaps were more “quiet and quiet” and would often hang around and speak to each other.

“They were a much safer community because they had a sense that they could survive and they had this sense of respect and a sense for each other,” he added.

Mr Macleanay is keen to have the home renovated to give it a more modern feel.

“Our plan is to give this a modern feel, so the community would feel more connected and that’s the intention, to have that community feel more together,” he told ABC Radio Sydney.

“What I’m trying to get is to build a new home and put it up on a lot bigger site and we want to get it to be able have a more welcoming community atmosphere.”

When you get that community atmosphere, you get people coming to your home, people coming in from all over, people from all different backgrounds, and that will give a better environment for everybody.

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