When ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic says his house is haunted: A photo essay


A photo that is sure to make your jaw drop is the one of a haunted house.

That’s because “Weird” Al and his wife, Ann, are a house hunters.

Ann and Al were on vacation in Florida when they discovered their house had been destroyed by fire, according to a story in the Tampa Bay Times.

“It’s like a movie, it’s like, ‘Oh my god!

We’re going to have to do something about this,'” Al said.

Ann told Fox News that the house was “a nightmare.”

“It was in bad shape, the floor was covered with paint and mold, and everything in the house, including my bedroom, had been torn down,” Ann told the Times.

Ann said the house is “one of the most haunted houses in the world.”

She says it’s so much more than a “movie” but she said it’s been haunted since her husband and she moved in.

“I’ve never been to the house before,” she said.

“They put up a sign on the door saying they’re going out tomorrow to do a house hunting tour.

They’ve been out every weekend for the past five years.

We have not been out in years.”

And the tour is a family affair.

Ann is the daughter of a retired pastor and Al is the son of a police officer.

He’s also the nephew of former Gov.

George W. Bush.

But the house has never been haunted, and Ann says she’s not sure if the house will ever be “unforgettable.”

“We have no idea,” she told Fox.

“My whole family is scared of it.”

The home is in a rural part of the city called Waimanalo, a little more than an hour’s drive from Tampa.

There are no signs on the property that say it’s haunted, but Ann said it has been called a haunted town and even a “feral cemetery.”

She said she believes it’s because the family is a member of a church, which means the property is sacred.

“There’s no way to go to the church without being called a feral,” she explained.

“So the idea that it’s a fable, that the family’s gone there and it’s cursed, that’s a fantasy.”

And her family doesn’t believe the house’s been visited by ghosts.

“That’s a superstition.

I’m not going to tell you what’s going on.

It’s not something that’s out there,” Ann said.

But Ann says the house doesn’t belong to her.

“The house has nothing to do with me.

I can’t move into the house,” she stated.

“When I get into the kitchen, I can put my feet on the floor.

That is not a haunted place.

“You can see the old books, you can see all the old photos, you just have to look. “

But you can go in and see it,” she continued.

“You can see the old books, you can see all the old photos, you just have to look.

You can hear the old people talk.”

And Ann says that she and her family are “just trying to get our house back together.”

“I feel like I’m the first one that’s going to be able to move into my house,” Ann explained.

But she’s unsure whether her family will be able do so.

“We’re not sure,” she admitted.

“And that’s the problem with ghosts.

Ann says her husband has been working to try and get the family to move to a different neighborhood. “

Ghosts are there, but you never know when they’ll come back,” she added.

Ann says her husband has been working to try and get the family to move to a different neighborhood.

“He’s trying to find out where he can live with his kids,” she recounted.

“If they can’t find a new place, then we’re going back.”

The couple is also considering renting a home.

Ann’s husband, a retired firefighter, said he has no plans to move out of the house.

“Even if we could move, we don’t have any desire to,” he told the Tampa Tribune.

“Maybe I’ll do it for my children, maybe I’ll move out into a different part of town, but it would be like my house is on fire.”

Ann says it has never felt unsafe.

“What scares me is that the children think it’s scary because they’re just in there,” she noted.

“Their world is not their world.

My children, they’re not even kids.

They’re adults.”