‘Halfway House’ 2D Printing: A 3D Printing App for iOS and Android


An app to make a half-decent house party is now available for iOS.

The app allows the owners of a house party to design a 3D printed house that can be used as a makeshift space for a party, or as an interactive space for socializing.

The house party app was created by a group of 3D printers in an effort to build a community around the process of 3-D printing, the process that allows a user to print out an object from a CAD model in a few seconds, rather than spending months working with expensive equipment.

The app allows users to select the model they’d like to print, as well as their materials.

The 3D printer can then build the house for them in the app.

The makers of the app have a long history of 3d printing, having created a custom-made version of the 3D-printed house for the House of the Dead game.

A more recent version of this app is available for Android, but has not been launched yet.

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