Elon Musk says he’ll build a 1,000-acre home in the Mojave Desert to house his new energy company


Elon Musk is making plans to build a new home in a desert near the Mojadecim desert.

The Tesla founder announced his intention to build the $2 million, 100-acre site at Mojave Air and Space Port in Mojave, California, on Wednesday in an interview with the LA Times.

He says the project is “a very significant step forward” and will help him expand his SolarCity business.

Musk, who founded SpaceX and owns SolarCity Corp., will build the house and garage in the desert, which is part of the Mojavai National Monument.

He will build it on his property.

“The reason I’m building this is because of my love for the Mojakai, and it’s a great place to build,” Musk said in the interview.

The house will be called the Musk house, after Musk, the founder and CEO of SpaceX, according to the Times.

He is also the namesake of Tesla Motors, the company that has made the Tesla Model S electric sedan the best-selling car in the United States.

It will be located on Musk’s land, which he purchased in 2016.

The property was first named Musk’s Mojave Ranch after Musk’s mother moved there from Virginia when he was three years old.

The site sits in a region that includes the Mojovis, the largest population in the U.S. with about 100,000 people.

Musk told the Times that he was inspired to build on the land when he saw a local resident having trouble getting in and out of a car.

“When I was a kid I always wanted to build something like that, but this is so much better,” Musk told the newspaper.

The Musk house has been named after Musk after the billionaire founder bought it in 2016 and it is owned by SolarCity, a solar panel installer.

It will have an average solar panel capacity of about 20,000 watts per square foot.

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