Why we don’t trust Trump to keep his promises


Why do we trust Trump so much to keep doing the things he promised?

Because he has been the one to deliver on the promises he made.

As president, he has taken the White House into a very strange place.

The first few months of his administration, the country saw him go through his own personal transformation.

He is a man who has never been one to be easily pushed around.

He was a businessman before he was president, a businessman in the Oval Office before he took office, and a businessman on Capitol Hill before he became a politician.

It is a curious mix of business and politics that has given rise to this strange administration.

It also gave rise to the strange president.

The most recent developments in the Trump era are not good news for Trump.

He has been widely criticized for the handling of the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and the FBI’s handling of it.

But the worst thing is that his presidency has also been characterized as an aberration.

That’s not an exaggeration.

A good number of analysts believe that this administration has become so dysfunctional, so out of control, that it is a threat to the stability of the world.

That has not been true for a long time, and it is now clear that it will be a long long time before this administration is able to bring about any of the promised changes.

Trump’s behavior has been a challenge for anyone who has tried to govern in the United States for more than a generation.

But if you look at the most recent administration in terms of how it has operated, the president’s actions and the actions of his allies are quite clearly at odds with the American people’s views.

For instance, the Republican Party is in deep trouble.

And in some ways, the fact that the GOP’s base is divided on Trump’s foreign policy has made it more difficult for them to rally around him, even though the president is their candidate and they are his party’s nominee.

The president has also shown little respect for Congress.

His refusal to cooperate with Congress on important matters, and his refusal to fulfill his own campaign promises, have all contributed to the political paralysis in Washington.

He appears to be acting to undermine democracy, and this is clearly in direct conflict with the United Nations charter.

He also appears to have been working to undermine American influence around the world, a phenomenon that began with his foreign policy decisions.

When it comes to the Middle East, his efforts to move America away from its traditional ally in Israel, and to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, are undermining American influence in that region.

And he has undermined the U,S.

alliances in Africa, South America, and Europe, by pursuing policies that undercut U.N. peacekeeping missions in these areas.

This administration is also clearly trying to undermine the legitimacy of the European Union, by trying to strip it of its role as the single largest and most important economic and financial institution in Europe.

The President is also taking a series of dangerous actions that are in direct violation of the norms and principles that the United Nation charter, the United State Constitution, and the American system of government all share.

His decision to impose tariffs on American companies is an obvious example.

His recent decision to cut a deal with Iran that is a dangerous threat to international peace is another.

And the President’s decision to withdraw the United Kingdom from the European economic bloc, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, a move that is likely to increase tensions with European countries, is another example.

There are other instances that raise questions about the character of Trump’s presidency.

His approach to Russia, as well as to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, are deeply concerning.

And his approach to the nuclear negotiations with Iran and the possibility of a military strike against North Korea is not just a dangerous one, it is dangerous for our security.

It could set off an escalation of tensions with North Korea and undermine the U.,S.

relationship with the Asian nation.

Trump has been accused of making the world more dangerous and dangerous.

That is a reasonable assessment.

But when it comes down to it, what matters most is the president himself.

In many ways, his actions are out of step with his public image.

His words have been so out-of-sync with his actions that he has become a pariah among some Americans.

And that is the real threat to America’s democracy.

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