Trump administration pushes for $50 billion in border wall funding ahead of congressional recess


President Donald Trump is pushing Congress to pass a $50-billion wall along the U.S.-Mexico border as part of a sweeping package of immigration relief measures announced Thursday.

Trump announced the wall funding package in a series of tweets, including one that said he wants to build the wall “from the bottom up.”

In his tweet, Trump said he would seek to secure the border and build the border wall “to the top of it.”

The White House also said Trump is seeking $1 trillion in border security spending over 10 years, which is about half of what Congress is currently requesting.

The president said the wall will be built to withstand the impacts of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

“It’s time to build a wall to secure our borders, and that means the wall,” Trump said in the tweets.

“We need to build it from the bottom, not the top down.

It’s time.”

The president has been adamant in his immigration policy that the U-Haul and other businesses should be allowed to hire from abroad and hire American workers.

The U-haul and others have sued to stop Trump from enforcing that policy.