“Cliff House” — the house that was originally supposed to be a Christmas present


Amityville House plans to put a Christmas tree on the property in 2019.

The tree will be the first in a series of holiday decorations.

Amityville resident and builder Robert W. Smith told ABC News he and his wife bought the home at about $300,000 in 1999, and they were thrilled to have the opportunity to celebrate the season with their family.

We’re excited to finally see it in 2018,” he said.

The house has been on the market for nearly a decade.

In 2005, the family decided to demolish the house, but that was before the advent of the internet.

It took the Smiths two years to get the property approved.

“We’ve been blessed to have this home.””

It’s a beautiful house,” they said.

“We’ve been blessed to have this home.”

The tree is going to be in the backyard for the holidays.”

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