New York City house-hunting guide is a must for the big city


New York’s biggest housing market has an abundance of real estate agents, and the search for a home is on.

That’s according to an infographic from real estate analytics firm Canalys.

The interactive graphic offers an in-depth look at the top 200 markets in the US, based on listings and real estate agent activity.

Canalys said the data was compiled using a combination of data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the Federal Real Estate Association (FREA), which are both based in Washington DC.

While the US is home to a lot of different kinds of realtors, Canalys found the average house-searching activity in the city of New York to be around 60,000 searches a day.

The data also showed that the city had the highest number of home sales of any US metro area, at about 4,200 per day. 

The map shows that the average price of a New York home is $1.4 million. 

However, the median house-price in the country is $6.3 million, while the median price of an empty house in the state is $2.9 million.

The median price for a house-buyer is about $75,000 in New York.

The average sale price of the median home in New Mexico is $3.6 million.

While that figure may be relatively low, the average home sale price in the rest of the US has been increasing, Canaly said.

The average price for an empty home in California is about the same as the median. 

In New York, home prices are rising faster than incomes.

In May 2017, median household income was $52,000, while it was $61,000 a year ago, according to data from US Census Bureau data. 

“There is a lot more house hunting in the Big Apple than in many other places around the country,” Canalys founder and chief executive Chris Fuhrmann said in a statement. 

Canalys said New York was a “very important” market, with a “high number of people looking for houses in New Zealand and Australia.”

“With the average median house price in New Jersey at $1 million, and an average median home price in Connecticut at $3 million it’s clear that New York is a very important market for home buyers,” he added. 

A map showing the top 20 US metro areas based on house-buying activity.

Source: Canalys