How to make gingerbread houses


The Chinese government is developing a new, smaller, and less expensive version of its popular gingerbread home kit, with the aim of making it more accessible to the poor and the underprivileged.

The new kit, which was launched on March 29, includes a pot, bowl and pan for home cooking and a bowl and cooking utensil for preparing vegetables and rice.

The government has been testing out the new home kit on the Chinese mainland for the past year, and now has plans to launch the kit in other areas of the country, including in cities and towns.

The Chinese government hopes to expand the home kit to other regions, including Hong Kong and Macau, where the kit is now available for purchase.

The kit includes a bamboo pot, rice and vegetables, a rice cooker, an oven and a range of tools.

The pot can be made into a pot of rice, which is then cooked with a lid on top.

A pan for cooking vegetables and a cooking uteness for the rice is also included in the kit.

The cooking utenaess can be used to prepare rice, vegetables and vegetables for other foods such as pasta or soup, as well as rice noodles, for instance.

The kit also comes with a cooking pot and a bamboo stove, which can be set on top of the bamboo pot and use a range in cooking.

The stove can also be used for cooking rice, or other types of rice dishes.

A rice cooker can also cook rice.

There are also two bowls and a pot for storing rice, as can a cooking pan and a set of tongs for preparing other types and amounts of rice.

The government is also looking to increase the price of the kit to about 60 yuan ($9.50), with a possible introduction to a higher price point in 2020.

The current price for the kit comes to 60 yuan, while the new kit will cost between 150 yuan and 200 yuan, depending on where the Chinese government buys it from.

The kits will be available for sale in the local Chinese language newspaper, the People’s Daily, starting April 15.

The product will also be available on Alibaba, which has the most popular online shopping sites in China.

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