How to Make Your Own Smart House for the Smartest of the Smart


The first thing you’ll need is a Smart House.

It’s a simple, modular, modular device that can be used to create a room that’s all your own.

And that’s exactly what a couple of people at a UK startup are planning to do.

They’re called House Design Studio and they’re looking to make a smart house that can connect to the internet, monitor your home’s health, and keep your house cool and warm.

House Design is working with a local builder, Huxley, to get their product into the market and they say they’ve already received orders from over 100 homes.

They’ve already made some prototypes and are hoping to launch the first commercial production house in the next few weeks.

In short, it looks like a house.

And we’re excited to get to know it better.

The house is about as modular as you can get with smart-home devices, but it’s also really smart.

You can change its appearance, the size, the materials you use, and even the color of the interior.

But, of course, that’s not all.

There’s also a built-in battery that’s going to last you for years.

The Smart House is powered by an Arduino board that’s based on the same chip that powers the SmartThings platform.

That means that the house has a built in battery, a wireless connection, and a Bluetooth speaker and remote control.

The home has an LED light, a built ins speaker and microphone, and an LED-lit thermostat that keeps you and your guests warm and cozy in your living room.

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