How to make a pool house for the kim and bloxburg family


This weekend, the family of two will be hosting a backyard cat house party.

The new cat house in the Bloxburg House on the BlOX is located on the west side of the home.

The house, a two bedroom and one bathroom, is made from a 3/4×4 inch frame.

The home is located in a nice, quiet area and has a nice outdoor garden.

There are no pets or indoor cats allowed.

There is also a balcony that overlooks the pool.

The Blox’s owners Kim and Chris Blox had been living in a trailer, so the family decided to get rid of their car and move to a new place.

Chris Blox says, “I always love having a pet but I always thought I’d like a house so I thought I might as well build it.”

Kim says, “[I wanted to] make it something I could just go in and play with and take it for a walk around.”

The new house has two rooms, a garage and a backyard garden.

The family says the house is just like the one they grew up in, but they wanted to make it more like home.

Kim says, The only difference is that it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and is about 10 minutes from home.

Kim says that while it’s a lot of space, the BlOx’s family will have a fun time with the cats.

“The cats will always come out and play and the cats will never leave,” Kim said.

This weekend’s backyard cat party will be held from 5-8 p.m. on Saturday.

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