Ale House Open House 2018: The Beer Guy, a new beer, a host and a new story


Ale House opened its doors on Monday, Oct. 18, 2018, in a small-town Oklahoma town where the locals call it “the best beer you’ll ever taste.”

The brewery, which was founded by husband-and-wife team Tom and Jennifer Peebles in 2011, will be a five-tap house, with four of those taps exclusively devoted to the Peebies’ beer, and two dedicated to a variety of other brews.

“This will be the first brewery in Oklahoma,” Tom Peeble said in a statement, “and we couldn’t be more excited to share our beer with the community.”

Peebles said he is “very excited” to partner with the Patels, who are “the most successful family-owned brewery in the country.”

“It’s going to be a family, family-friendly place,” he said.

“I’ve been a beer drinker my whole life, and it’s a family affair.

It’s a little different than a lot of other places.”

Peatls, a longtime family friend and business partner of Peeples, said he and the Pees have been working on brewing their own beer for some time, and that the couple’s daughter, Kelli, has been “excited” about the idea.

The brewery is a partnership between the Pates and Peebeys.

The couple own the majority of the brewery, and the brewery is named after their daughter.

The Peebs also have a brewery in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and they’re also involved with the Tulsa Beer Company.

“Tom and I are super excited to open our first brewery and share the beer with our community,” Peebly said.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to make a local impact, and share with the people of the Pigeon City,” he added.

The Peebes have a lot going for them, and there are many good reasons to be excited about their beer.

The brewery will have a small production capacity, which they plan to keep, and will be open for only a few weeks.

And there are two beer taps.

One of those, called the Pidgeon Tap, will feature a selection of the company’s beer.

“It’s a great selection, and really nice,” Pye said.

The other, the Eagle Tap, is a six-tap brewpub with four beers.

“We’re excited to serve these,” Pebebies said.

Peebebies told The Sporting News that the beer is going to have the Pye family’s signature hop character, with an American-style hop profile, with a light-to-medium body, and “a nice smooth mouthfeel.”

“The hop flavor is very crisp, and we’re excited that we have a big hop profile,” he told The Sock, “because that’s a hallmark of the IPA style.”

He said he expects a good sales and marketing effort from the Pies, which will sell both their beer and tap menu.

The restaurant will be on the second floor of a building with a “beautiful view of the Oklahoma skyline.”

The beer menu will include beer-focused items like “American IPA,” “Peebelly IPA,” and “Pidgeon IPA.”

Tom Peebler and his wife, Jennifer Peed, with their daughter, Kelly, and son, Ryan, who plays soccer at the University of Oklahoma.

(Photo: Courtesy of Tom and Jen Peebling)The Pees also said they plan on opening a small taproom, but that there will be “some very limited” beer offerings, including Peebells “American Porter” and “Grapefruit IPA.”

The Pees said that the brewery will serve up “pale ale” from “local and sustainable producers.”

The Peatls are excited about bringing their brewery to Oklahoma.

They said the state has a rich history in beer and they think it’s “a perfect fit” for them.

“It was great to open the brewery in a place that is so culturally diverse,” Jennifer Pieder said.

The couple is looking forward to the community’s reaction to their beer, but said the brewery has not yet opened for business.

“There are so many beer bars in Oklahoma, it’s just so easy to just get lost in the noise,” Tom said.

Tom and Jennifer are very proud to be working with the family behind the brand, Peeby’s, and their beer is being showcased in several bars and restaurants in Oklahoma.

“A lot of the craft beer community is in shock at what they’re getting,” Jennifer said.

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