How to stop the #FakeNews on the #TrumpTrain


The president has become an easy target for those who believe he’s using the presidency to further his personal ambitions.

And he’s doing so with gusto, tweeting and retweeting falsehoods about a variety of issues, from his tax reform plan to the White House’s health care rollout.

The president’s tweets and retweeted messages are frequently inaccurate and sometimes even dangerous.

We take a look at the most ridiculous of his tweets.


Trump ‘caught on camera’ at Mar-a-Lago resort to ‘make a joke’ with a ‘small group of people’ The president is tweeting about Mar-A-Lago on Wednesday evening.

The former president, who lives in Palm Beach, Florida, tweeted: “I was in Palm Beaches on Thursday to make a joke with a small group of friends who had gathered to watch a game.

The President was out of the room for about 5 minutes, but I am sure he had a good time and I would like to thank him for coming out to Palm Beach!”

The president, however, later tweeted: “@WhiteHouse @Mar_a_Lago A photo of me making a joke at Mar A Club in Palm Bar.” It’s unclear whether Trump was actually in Palm and that the president is “small group” of people.

It’s also unclear whether the president was actually making a “joke” at Mar Club.


Trump fires off more tweets about immigration during White House briefing ‘He’s tweeting from the Whitehouse!’, says the president, adding: “@FoxNews @realDonaldTrump We have more people in the WhiteHouse than at the Oval Office!

It’s like he’s tweeting a whole new script every minute!

He’s tweeting!”

Trump was referring to an apparent briefing he gave on the border wall on Wednesday morning, which included his new-found frustration with Congress’s inability to pass any kind of comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

Trump was also seen during the briefing tweeting: “He’s firing off more Tweets about immigration.

He’s doing that at the White house!

It seems like he has a new script for the week!”


‘We are not going to let you down’ as Trump fires back against ‘fake news’ The White House has fired back at “fake news” media outlets and journalists over the past week, including CNN, NBC News and The Washington Post.

“We are now seeing the full effect of the fake news in the mainstream media, which is why we’re taking steps to combat it,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The President and the entire Administration are committed to fighting back against this fake news and will continue to do so.”


Trump’s ‘white House’ was actually a ‘black box’ for Trump to tweet about any topic on Wednesday The president was tweeting from a black box at the Trump International Hotel on Wednesday afternoon.

“I’m watching it,” Trump said, using the “black box” to explain his decision to tweet at 11:42am Eastern.

“That’s what it is.

We are not watching it.”

He added that he’s been doing a lot of “reporters” lately and the “white house” is a “black hole.”


Trump takes to Twitter to defend his ‘fake’ news ‘The President is going to make America great again,’ says the President.

“He is going the right way,” the President wrote in a tweet that was later deleted.

“What he has done so far is an abject failure.”


Trump tweets about his ‘beautiful’ daughter Ivanka ‘The Fake News is really hurting Ivanka, she is very disappointed, and her mother is sad.’

“My daughter Ivanka is beautiful.

She is a wonderful person, very intelligent and has a great heart,” the president tweeted on Wednesday night.

“Her father has always said that the Fake News has a very bad heart.

The Fake News hurts Ivanka, and she is sad.”

Trump has previously said he would like his daughter to have a “big heart” and a “beautiful personality.”


And I’m going home,” he added. “

My term ends in about five months.

And I’m going home,” he added.


Trump blasts ‘fake media’ for ‘torturing’ him on Twitter The president did not elaborate on the reason for his departure from the “torture room” he was forced to spend days in last week.

But he did say he “had a lot to say” to “fake media” in an effort to “cleanse” his mind.

“It’s really tough to stay in this business,” Trump told Fox News host Chris Wallace. “You know,