The House of Pain: Episode One is a special edition


The first episode of The House, a new series set to premiere in April, will feature some familiar characters but will also have a twist.

The show will be a one-off, but it will feature new characters like Jodie Foster and a young Peter Capaldi as well as new episodes of the show as well.

The first episodes of The HOBP are scheduled to air April 10th.

The HOBPs first episode, titled House of Blood, will introduce us to two new characters: Jodis Foster and Peter Capaldis young house of pain guest star.

Foster is a fictional character in the Harry Potter franchise and is played by Jodette Ann Miller.

Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor Who star, who will be playing the part of the new house of horrors.

The two episodes will feature Peter Capaldo as the new House of the Unseen.

He will be played by David Tennant.

The other new addition to the house is Jodice Foster’s House of Doom.

She will be the new wife of Peter Capalini, played by Dominic West.

Jodice will have a new, more sinister role.

She will be on the show in some capacity, but will be in a different role to the one she’s playing in Harry Potter, playing a house of horror, as well, she will be known as Jodine.

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