Which one is the most expensive house in the suburbs?


A suburban house may not be as fancy as you think, with the cost of buying it jumping up to a whopping $1.5 million.

The house in Bendigo, south-east of Melbourne, has become a popular tourist attraction with its stunning panoramic views.

The home was built in 1905 by the family of Mr William McVeigh and was the centre of a massacre during World War II.

It was restored in 2014 and has been dubbed the “McVeigh home” by local residents.

“The house was the focal point of the massacre of the Easter Rising in 1916 and became a symbol of the war effort and the sacrifice of our men and women in the fight against fascism,” a statement from the Bendigo City Council said.

“It was a symbol that was used to honour all those who lost their lives during that time.”

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