Chinese pop star Justin Bieber’s house raided for drugs


Chinese pop star and pop superstar Justin Bieber has been the target of a raid at his home in Chiang Mai, a city north of Bangkok, as police continue to investigate the drug trade.

Police said on Friday that they had executed a search warrant on the house of Justin Bieber, a native of Bordeaux, France, and raided the property in the eastern city of Chiang Rai, on the main road linking Thailand to China.

The singer and pop star, who is married to American singer Taylor Swift, had not been charged.

The raid comes a day after the singer’s house in London was raided by police after he was linked to the production of a music video for his single “Bad Blood”.

The raid came amid a series of other high-profile cases in which authorities have cracked down on the production and distribution of drugs in China.

Earlier this month, authorities in China arrested an alleged drug lord for the production, distribution and sale of drugs, a move which was widely seen as a response to the country’s ongoing crackdown on drug production and consumption.

Last month, police raided the home of pop star Rihanna in China after she and a friend were arrested for allegedly selling the drugs.

A total of 11 people were arrested in the raid, according to a local news report, which did not give a precise number of people detained in the raids.

In May, the Chinese authorities also shut down the popular music site Weibo, which they said had helped to produce and distribute some of the most popular videos in the country, after it was accused of facilitating drug production.