How to get the most out of your house without breaking the bank


When it comes to house prices, the house is king.

The average home is worth $1.9 million, which is the same as the median income of households in California.

But with so many more homes available in Los Angeles, where the median home price is $1,542,000, there’s always a temptation to just buy a bigger house.

If you want to enjoy the comfort of a bigger home, you can buy an additional property on your lot and buy more space for your guests, who might also need to move out.

There are many ways to achieve that kind of home, and you should read up on the options below to learn more.

You can also check out the list of the Top 5 Places to Buy Homes in Los Angles.

Here are some options to help you get the best deal on your home.


El Toro Estate For the home buyer who wants a more luxurious, spacious home, consider El Toro, a four-bedroom, five-bath home that is only $1 million.

The home comes with a spacious master suite and a stunning pool, which you can take in from the top of the house or use for picnics.

El Toros owner, who also owns a large family, said the house will fit your lifestyle, so long as you enjoy the amenities.


La Puente Hills For the house-hungry buyer who’s looking to get more space, try the 2,300-square-foot, two-bedroom home on La Puenta Hills, which sits on 2.8 acres of land.

The house is also well-appointed, with a formal kitchen, marble flooring and granite countertops.

The master suite features a full-sized living room, fireplace and an open-plan living area.

The homeowners also have an indoor pool and spa, which makes the home a great location for a picnicker.


The Palms Property For the budget-minded buyer, the Palms home is a four bedroom, four-bath house that comes with 1,500 square feet of living space and 1,200 square feet for dining.

The two-story home has four bedrooms, one bathroom and a formal living area, which includes an open dining area.

Located in Beverly Hills, the property has an extensive garage with an elevator and a storage room.


Beverly Hills Estate For a more traditional buyer, there are plenty of options for those who want a less-traditional look.

The Beverly Hills estate home comes in at $1 and is just under 6,000 square feet.

The property is located in Beverly Heights, which has a large number of restaurants and shops.

The 5,000-square foot home features a large master suite, which can be shared with a group of guests.

The exterior of the property is designed to be a great backdrop for a dinner party, so guests can take advantage of the space.


Lake Forest Estate For those looking to buy a home with fewer bedrooms, Lake Forest is a nice option.

The $1 billion home is located on 1,890 acres of lakefront property that includes a 2,500-square feet swimming pool, a lake house and a beautiful clubhouse.

Located about 10 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport, the Lake Forest home comes complete with a spa, a gym and a rooftop deck.


The Hillbilly Estate For buyers looking to save money, there is a great option for the house buyer looking to make a change.

The 1,000 acres of Hillbills property comes with two 1,700-square room homes, two 1-bedroom homes, one 1-bath, and a two-car garage.

This one-acre property also has two lakes, a picnic area, and an outdoor kitchen.


Palm Springs Estate For this buyer, a more contemporary home is definitely in order.

The 2,200-square ft, three-bedroom property sits on land that was purchased by a group for $1 to $2 million.

It comes with four bedrooms and a 2-car backyard.

The owners also have a 1,400-square acre lake, which means there’s plenty of room to do some backyard fishing and other activities.


Westfield Estate For an extra bit of glamour, the Westfield home is equipped with a rooftop pool and is situated just off of a major highway.

The 6,800-square meter home comes equipped with six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a pool deck and an outhouse.


Beverly Vista Estate For people who like a more modern look, you should check out this $2.3 million, 1,937-square masonry home in Beverly Vista.

The mansion has a formal dining room and master suite that includes an outdoor deck.

The owner is also the owner of a family of dogs.


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