A rock-cutaway mountain house built in an old barn


Posted April 11, 2019 16:31:38The new home for rock-and-roll legend Rock Band is an old brick house on the outskirts of Perth’s capital city, but the Rock Band 4-player mod is set to be the biggest ever for the genre.

A small group of enthusiasts from Perth, WA, have built a house in the old Barn Hill barn, near the city centre, to showcase their passion for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, and they’ve also opened up their house to the public for the first time.

“I’m hoping it will be a bit of a showcase for us,” Rock Band producer and composer, Tim Buckley, told ABC Perth.

“There are a lot of things that we want to showcase that are sort of the essence of what we do.”

We want to show that we’re a lot like the people who built the house, they’re the ones who created the barn, and it’s just a beautiful structure that we’ve built.

“Mr Buckley said he was hoping to attract people from around the world to join him and his friends for the next two weeks of the rock- and-roll hall’s annual convention.”

A lot of people want to come, but it’s going to be a little bit of an experiment to see how many people actually come,” he said.”

But I think it’s a really good chance to try and give people a chance to play the game and maybe even get their hands on a piece of Rock Band history.

“People have played the game before, but I think the Rock Hall of Fame is one of the first places where they’ve really gone for this sort of exposure.”

The barn’s original owner, John Smith, built the home in 1927 and sold it to his wife, Alice, who later sold it and moved it to its current location.

“When the barn fell apart it was basically a little hole, and when it was rebuilt it was like a massive hole,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

“So when we started working on the house we had this big plan to basically build the barn and we did, it was just an amazing barn.”

The Rock Band 3-player game is based on the original Rock Band, and the barn was originally intended to be used as a recording studio.

The original barn was then converted to a concert venue and later converted to home to Mr Buckley and his mates, who spent a lot on the renovation.

“It’s really amazing,” Mr Buckley said.

“It’s so old, it’s really lovely.”

Rock Band 4 will feature more than 30 songs from a variety of different genres, including reggae, rockabilly, jazz, blues, metal and electronic music.

Mr Buckley, who has worked as a producer for the past five years, said he would like to continue producing Rock Band music after the Rock Festival, which is due to kick off in May in Sydney.

“If I can continue doing this, then I’m looking forward to going back into the studio and producing more,” he added.

“Hopefully I can come up with something that is going to surprise people.”

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