Bounce House is offering cat house for $500 in Australia


A cat house is a cat house and it is for sale for $250,000 at a home in the city of Melbourne.

The house was built in 1996 and was purchased by a couple named Bill and Jane, who had their own home.

They had been living in a home on a nearby property for seven years when they moved in.

They bought the house and moved into it, but their cats would run off and the house would be in the way.

The property was built on a lot and there were a lot of fences around it.

The couple had decided to put the house on the market for a price of $250 000, so Bill and John started looking for a suitable home.

They went to the city to look at the area and were not successful.

They bought the land and started to build the home, which they named Bounce House.

They were not sure if they could afford the house or they could build a new one, but they decided to go for it.

Bill and Jane say the house is not cheap.

They said the price tag of the house was $250 thousand and the land they were buying was around $15 million.

Bill said the cost of the building and the upkeep was about $100 000 and he had not paid any rent.

Bill told ESPN Criinge: “I was hoping to make a few bucks and buy a house that I could live in for a while.

I couldn’t afford that.”

The couple said they had been looking at buying a house in the Melbourne suburb of Parramatta for years and they had never been able to find one.

Bill added: “We bought a house just outside the CBD for $300,000, and then the city bought the property and it was a great deal for $100 million.”

The price was right, the land was right and it’s the right house.

“Bill said they were delighted with the house, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Bill says he did not want to make the move to a bigger home because he was too scared of his cat, so they had decided they would stay put.”

I’m very happy with the home I’m putting it in,” Bill said.”

It’s very quiet and it has a lot going on in it.

“And it has so much sunshine in it, and I can see the city through the window.”

The family is hoping to sell the property.